Our research is broadly collaborative and driven by real world issues. At any given time we may have more than a dozen active projects combining field and laboratory work with colleagues from around the country in a variety of disciplines.

Marbled Salamander

Pathogen and Species Detection by eDNA 2017

Developing advanced tools to improve detection of aquatic pathogens and endangered species...

Adult Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles and Lead Toxicity 2017

Tracing a lethal legacy: Lead poisoning in NYS bald eagles

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagles Population Impact Study 2018

Uncovering the history of lead toxicity and the population level impact on bald eagles...

White-tailed deer

Chronic Wasting Disease Risk Assessment and Prevention Planning

Reducing the risk of a serious threat to wild white tailed deer....

Bobcat close up


Is climate change bringing disease carrying vectors closer to home...

Eastern Hellbender

Eastern Hellbender Conservation

Improving survival odds of North America's only giant salamander species - the Eastern Hellbender

American Black Bear

Emergence of Black Bear Mange in New York

Understanding the transmission of a newly emerging disease of black bears...


Fishers and Rodenticide

Digging into the frequency and impact of rodenticides on fishers...

Hemidactylium scutatum, the four-toed Salamander

Four-toed Salamander eDNA 2018

Finding the unseen...advances in conservation

Two wild turkey roaming

Lymphoproliferative disease virus (LPDV)

We determined that up to 80% of adult turkeys in NY are infected with LPDV...

moose bull

Moose Health 2018

We are wrapping up an intensive look at moose health in New York...

Moose in marsh area

Moose Population Health 2017

Battling moose population decline in New York using data

deer fawns

White-tailed Deer Fawn Survival

Working with partners to assess health and survival in newborn fawns...