Lab Bites

January 31, 2023

#Avian reoviruses, like #corvid orthoreovirus, often called "Winter mortality of crows," cause mass mortality events in #crows across #NorthAmerica & #Europe. Check out our #Disease fact sheet for more info: #WildlifeHealth #scicomm #Science @CWHCRCSF

January 31, 2023

Wonder what the #science behind the publication really means? Get the author's perspective on our latest publication & take a look behind the science with "White-tailed Deer: A Potential SARS-CoV-2 Reservoir?"

January 26, 2023

#Nature's rodent control in action. We continue to get cases of #RodenticideToxicity in non-target species. Learn more about the impact of #rodenticide on #wildlife & about the alternatives out there. "Of Mice & Men - Rodent Roulette" #WildlifeHealth

January 24, 2023

Get the facts! We have a growing resource library of wildlife disease fact sheets - and our newest addition is Avian Pox and it's online now! These fact sheets are out there for wildlife professionals, educators, and anyone who is interested in learning about and understanding wildlife health. Visit our website for more info on Avian Pox:

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