Essential Training for DEC Field Staff

One of the major priorities of the NYS Wildlife Health Program is to conduct surveillance for diseases that can impact wildlife, domestic animals and people. Since wildlife can carry zoonoses (diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans), it's important that wildlife professionals know how to operate safely – particularly when handling sick or dead wildlife. Safe handling techniques can also protect animals by reducing the chances that personnel will accidentally move wildlife diseases around. 

In this series of videos and presentations, you will learn about common zoonoses, the appropriate use of personal protective equipment, submitting cases, and responding to a wildlife disease outbreak in the field. The module is divided into two segments:

  • Introduction to the Wildlife Health Program and wildlife disease

  • Personal safety, and handling wildlife specimens

Completion of the module provides new NYSDEC employees with the equivalent of our half day workshop training.

The WHP, disease surveillance, and wildlife disease

  • na

    NYSWHP Program Overview

    Elizabeth Bunting

    This presentation provides an overview of the New York State Wildlife Health Program.

  • Presentation on Wildlife Diseases by Dr. Elizabeth Bunting

    The 411 on Wildlife Diseases

    Elizabeth Bunting

    Zoonoses are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to people. If you're working with wildlife, you need to know what they are, how they are transmitted, and how to protect yourself. In this presentation, wildlife veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Bunting introduces the most important zoonoses for wildlife professionals in New York State to know.

  • Wildlife Disease 101 surveillance slide image

    Wildlife Disease Surveillance

    Krysten Schuler

    Learn the basics of wildlife diseases with an introduction to key terms and responsibilities. 

    Duration: 16:03
  • Wildlife Disease Outbreak Investigation title image

    Wildlife Disease Outbreak Investigation

    Krysten Schuler

    Know how to respond to a wildlife disease outbreak and explore options for disease management.

    Duration: 11:06

Personal Safety and Handling Wildlife Specimens

  • NYS WHP PPE for Wildlife Disease investigation and Response 2017

    PPE for Wildlife Disease Investigation and Response

    Kevin Hynes

    Learn how to work safely when handling wildlife by watching biologist Kevin Hynes demonstrate how to use basic personal protective equipment.

    Duration: 19:17
  • Video of Disinfection Techniques 2017

    Disinfection Techniques

    Kevin Hynes

    This video by DEC Wildlife Biologist Kevin Hynes explains how to properly disinfect equipment after handling wildlife.

    Duration: 4:46
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    Handling and Shipping Wildlife Specimens

    Kevin Hynes

    In this video, DEC Wildlife Biologist Kevin Hynes describes how to safely ship dead wildlife or wildlife samples to the Wildlife Health Program for testing.

    Duration: 15:37