July 14, 2017

The Northeast Wildlife Disease Cooperative diagnostic laboratories and cooperators are seeing seabird mortalities in some limited areas. Thus far, the New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation has received 20 shearwaters from the south shore of Long Island. Of the 15 necropsies completed, all birds have been juveniles that present in thin body condition with anemia. Shearwaters have been reported in NJ, MD, VA, and SC. Some carcasses have been sent to the USGS-National Wildlife Health Center for examination from Chincoteague NWR. Over a dozen northern gannets have also been submitted for necropsy to New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Lab. Laboratories are continuing to share findings and coordinate testing. You can email cwhl@cornell.edu to report seabird mortalities.

Update - August 11, 2017

We are continuing to investigate shearwater mortalities and at present, the most likely causes point to malnutrition and emaciation. Please continue to contact the CWHL for mortalities.