Jennifer Peaslee
May 11, 2018

We have received a confirmed positive test for Duck Viral Enteritis from dead ducks in Onondaga County in upstate New York. Duck Viral Enteritis (DVE) is a serious disease affecting waterfowl species - ducks, geese, and swans. It is not a human health risk and is not known to affect poultry. It is caused by a herpesvirus (anatid herpesvirus 1) and is spread through direct contact with infected birds and contaminated water, food, or feces. Signs include a bloody vent or bill area, diarrhea, balance problems, and inability to fly.  About 90% of the infected birds can die, many before they display obvious signs of illness. This virus is very tolerant and can last in the environment for extended periods of time, so it's particularly important to practice good biosecurity to prevent spreading the disease - disinfect footwear, clothes, and equipment after working with and around waterfowl.

If you see ill or dead waterbirds (particularly ducks, geese, or swans), please see form below.

For more information on duck plague you can read the USGS NWHC technical report on duck plague.

For more information on how to take basic biosecurity precautions visit

Have you recently seen sick or dead waterfowl?

If you see ill or dead birds, please contact your local DEC office or use the form below to report an incident to the CWHL.

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